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Belfast Taxi Tours

Welcome to Belfast , a Belfast Mural Experience tour will take you on journey in a Belfast style taxi. on this journey of discovery we will stop at the famous murals on the Falls Road (Republican) and the Shankill Road (Loyalist) Through the Murals you will learn about the social political and cultural history of Belfast and Northern Ireland- particularly about the period known as

'The Troubles' or 'The Conflict'.

All our drivers are World Host Trained Belfast Ambassadors, local residents with intimate knowledge and someone whom has lived through the troubles and has worked the Belfast roads, the Falls and Shankill. This is an intimate look into a local's life during this period and they will explain how the conflict affected themselves, their families and the local communities.

All guests will have an opportunity to sign the Peace Wall and leave their thoughts and hopes for lasting peace along side the Dalai Lama and other famous people who have visit the city.

£15 per person (minimum of £40)
Pick up and drop off from central location included, extra charge from Airport, Docks or Train Station

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