On this tour we will explore the history of the city and it's people


Winter Schedule

**Monday to Friday at 11 am

Saturday & Sunday 11am and 2.30 pm

Check Summer schedule here

Tour departs from City Hall , Opposite "Visit Belfast" Tourist Office

We at Belfast Free Walking Tour are delighted to welcome you to the capital of Northern Ireland. we invite you to join us to explore the city with us during your stay.
What better way to understand the history, the people and the stories that helped shape this city, from the early days of the Norman Conquest, through the arrival of the English and the Industrial Revolution to modern day Belfast with one of our passionate and entertaining local guides who will weave stories that will make you laugh and maybe even bring a tear to your eye.
Booking for the free tour is not essential but highly recommended.

We'll visit famous places such as:

The Docklands & The Lagan River

• Cathedral Quarter

• Albert Clock  

• The Big Fish 

• Belfast City Hall

• City Laneways

The highest quality is guaranteed on this tour because it is entirely tips-based. Your guide does not get paid by the city or any business to deliver your tour but will accept a donation at the end, if you wish to leave one. Please feel free to tip your guide according to your budget and how much you enjoyed the tour. Travelling with a group of eight or more? Book a private tour here

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